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Rose Quartz Roller

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Transform your skincare into a ritual of rejuvenation with our rose quartz roller, the secret to detoxed, vibrant skin and daily puffiness relief. Not just a beauty tool, but a conduit for inner peace, healing, and prosperity, enhancing your glow from the inside out. With each soothing stroke, boost lymphatic drainage and circulation, reduce fine lines, and deepen your skincare's efficacy, marrying tradition with your modern beauty routine for unmatched results.

Rose Quartz Roller

Regular price $25.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $25.00 USD
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Achieve radiant, detoxified skin with our rose quartz roller, a staple for both relaxing spa nights and daily de-puffing rituals.

Naturally cool to the touch, rose quartz effortlessly minimizes puffiness, enhancing your complexion with every use.

Boost detoxification and skin rejuvenation by stimulating lymphatic drainage and improving blood flow, reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Enhance the effectiveness of your skincare products with deeper penetration into the skin for amplified benefits.

Tackle acne and oily skin by incorporating this rose quartz roller into your beauty regimen for clearer, smoother skin.


Begin with a clean face and apply a facial oil or moisturizer to ensure the rose quartz roller glides smoothly.

Use gentle, upward strokes starting from the neck to the forehead, focusing on areas prone to puffiness.

Utilize the smaller end for delicate areas such as under the eyes and around the nose to reduce swelling and fine lines.

Clean the roller with a damp cloth and mild soap after each use to maintain its purity and effectiveness.


100% Natural Rose Quartz Stone, Zinc Alloy, Aluminum